Beautiful Polished Concrete and Stained Concrete

Whether you choose beautiful concrete polishing or stained concrete, you can expect long-lasting, non-slip flooring which requires minimal maintenance. Concrete is a sustainable product and has excellent strength, meaning it can be used in areas where there is high-density foot traffic, machinery, and other applications where a long-wearing flooring is the best option.

Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete involves the grinding, honing, and polishing of concrete to achieve a high-polished flooring. Polished concrete results in a low-maintenance, sustainable flooring which is durable as well as beautiful.

The process of polishing requires extensive training and experience to achieve the best quality results. Our technicians have both, and their level of expertise ensures that our customers get the best value for their home or business.

Many of our clients also choose to have their polished concrete sealed as well.

Stained and Sealed Concrete

Stained and sealed concrete has a rich, luminous tone with a vast array of color choices, special effects, and looks from minimalist to complex. When applied, the stain permeates the concrete and won’t fade, peel, or chip away when properly maintained.


What are the differences between stained and polished concrete floors?

Mechanical vs. chemical

Polished concrete is achieved by a mechanical process which involves grinding, honing, and polishing. Stained concrete is the application of a stain, either acid or water-based, which changes the color of the concrete.

Natural vs. color

Polished concrete exposes the natural beauty of the element in concrete. Stained concrete changes the color of the concrete, itself.


While either of these options is typically low maintenance, stained concrete does require a sealer or floor wax to maintain the integrity of the color.


What are the best applications for stained vs. polished and sealed of flooring?

Any concrete area which needs to look perpetually beautiful but also requires slip-free footing and little maintenance is a candidate for polished concrete. Stained concrete is suitable for an area that can be periodically waxed. Each application has particular advantages and we work with the customer to help them choose an option which brings the highest possible value and satisfaction.

How long does the installation process take for each?

The amount of time is dependent on the size of the job and availability of technicians, of course, but as a broad rule, concrete polishing will only take a few (4-5) days. However, the concrete must be pre-cured for a minimum of 28 days before it can be polished. Stained concrete will take less time, (3-4 days), depending on the type of stain the customer wants, the kind of dyes, if any stencils are used, and then the final sealing. Again, the size of the job is also a factor. We also work with our clients and schedules to make sure things move along as swiftly as possible


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