Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida

Premier Epoxy is a trusted epoxy flooring company that has been in the business of installing beautiful, low-maintenance epoxy flooring for years. Odessa is a quaint, ranching community not too far from St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the Gulf Beaches. One need only hop onto Interstate 275 or the Veteran’s Expressway to get to any of these popular areas.  Since humidity is high here, many residents and business owners prefer epoxy flooring over the carpet or other types of flooring that don’t do as well with humidity.

Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida | Premier Epoxy

Here at Premier Epoxy, we work hard to be the flooring company of choice for people in the Odessa, Florida area. Whether you want new flooring for a single room in your home or your entire business, we can help. We offer the following services:

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Services That We Offer

We specialize in creating elegant, low-maintenance epoxy flooring solutions for all types of projects. Whether you’re upgrading the flooring in a large industrial building or you want to add durable and attractive flooring to the entryway of your home, we can get the job done to your satisfaction.

Here are a few of the leading epoxy flooring services we offer:

Commercial Epoxy Services

Business owners in Odessa, Florida, often look for flooring that can withstand high humidity. Our top-rated flooring company recommends commercial epoxy floors for a wide variety of commercial uses. Epoxy flooring withstands damp conditions quite well, unlike carpet or even wood flooring that can become saturated with moisture from humid air.

Epoxy flooring is also quite affordable and can add a level of sophistication to any warehouse or office space. Another plus is that it’s very easy to keep clean.

Residential Epoxy Services

Homeowners in Odessa, Florida, like to keep their homes looking clean and elegant. Our residential epoxy flooring can add high-class appeal to any living area. It looks incredible in entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and many other areas.

Our epoxy flooring can be made to look like various materials, including concrete, stone, and marble. We can also customize the finish to obtain the precise look you want. So whether you want a metallic garage floor or a glittery entryway floor, we’ll make sure your finished floor looks just how you envision.

Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida | Premier Epoxy

Tile Removal Services

Do you have old tile you need to get rid of before you can install epoxy flooring in Odessa, Florida? We can help! We have the tools and expertise necessary to complete the highly strenuous task of floor tile removal without damaging your floor base. Without the right tools, pulling up tiles can take a lot of time. It can also cause back, shoulder, and other injuries that we want homeowners to avoid. So instead of trying to pull up your old tile flooring, you can trust us to get the job done in minimal time.

Once we pull up your old tile, we’ll ensure the area is dust-free and properly prepped for your new epoxy floors. A properly primed surface is essential for obtaining the pristine, mirror-like surface for which epoxy floors are known.  

Polished and Stained Concrete Services

Like epoxy, concrete flooring is very durable and requires minimal maintenance. If you’re interested in concrete flooring for your commercial or residential building, get in touch with us. We can give you a quote for our concrete polish and staining services.

Once we’re finished with your concrete flooring, you’ll never guess it’s plain old concrete. Polishing gives the concrete surface a high shine, while staining and sealing it can give it a richer, more attractive color that won’t fade when it’s well-maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida

We understand you may still have a lot of questions about epoxy flooring services. So we’ve created this brief question and answer section to help you understand the process better.

What are the differences between stained and polished concrete floors in Odessa, Florida?

We apply a water- or acid-based stain to the concrete to change its color to create stained concrete. To produce polished concrete, we use special machinery and tools to hone, grind, and polish the concrete to achieve a high level of shine.

What types of epoxy flooring are available for Odessa, Florida residents, and business owners?

Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida | Premier Epoxy

We offer four primary types of commercial epoxy flooring: solid, metallic, flake, and anti-static. Reach out to us for more details about each type.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

Residents and business owners in Odessa, Florida, need flooring that works well in humid conditions. Epoxy is a great choice. Additional benefits of epoxy flooring include customization options, ease of maintenance, beautiful appearance, and durability.

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Florida residents love epoxy flooring and the many benefits it offers. To get a quote for your home or commercial building, contact Premier Epoxy today.  

Epoxy Flooring in Odessa, Florida | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

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