Why Your Commercial Business Needs Epoxy Flooring Tampa

Consider epoxy flooring Tampa, the next time you need to replace or repair your commercial property floor. The material is a mix of resins and hardeners that create a durable finish. This flooring material also allows for customization, meaning your building’s floors can match the rest of the facility for maximum attractiveness. Beyond the looks of the material, it lasts longer than other surfaces exposed to average commercial and consumer abuse. Whether you own a warehouse facility, manufacturing plant or retail space, epoxy floors are an excellent option and alternative to traditional flooring. There are at least six reasons you need epoxy floors Tampa.

1. Cleanliness.

Epoxy solidifies to a durable surface

Whether you want to install a warehouse or garage floor epoxy Tampa, the material is versatile and clean. Unlike most flooring materials, epoxy does not have seams. Application is one continuous layer, which makes the floor nearly impenetrable. The spill-proof design is often a significant selling feature for professional garages, kitchens, and industrial facilities. As epoxy is an epoxide polymer, it is also chemical resistant. While epoxy flooring Tampa is clean and sanitary, people can slip if a spill occurs. However, many installers can place an anti-slip texture into the surface of the floor to ensure satisfactory compliance with regulatory inspections.

2. Durability.

Epoxy solidifies to a durable surface for factories and all commercial businesses. The surface is resistant to average dings and dents, and repairs are easy. For property owners who worry about floor damage, you can add fibers to an epoxy mix to further strengthen it. However, that may only be necessary for facilities with heavy machinery because most equipment and wheels won’t damage the surface. You need to keep in mind that most epoxy floors last two to three years of heavy use before needing repair or replacement.

3. Installation.

Epoxy flooring Tampa allows for flexibility of design

Unlike traditional flooring, epoxy is easy and quick to install. Wood or tile flooring needs time to acclimate before installation can begin. Then, each flooring material requires different adhesives and tools. Epoxy is simple. A team cleans the concrete surface, wets the area, scrubs the area with an etching mixture before applying the epoxy coating. Depending on the size of the building and the temperature, you can have a brand new floor in a matter of days. The measurements for epoxy flooring Tampa are also precise, which means less material waste.

4. Aesthetics.

Customization is especially useful in warehouses and factories. Epoxy flooring Tampa allows for flexibility of design. For example, you can use different colors to differentiate work zones from traffic or safety zones. You can also use different patterns to create interest or to fit the personality and atmosphere of your business. Epoxy floors are less stringent and boring than other commercial flooring options, allowing you to remain creative and involved with the appearance of your facility.

5. Maintenance.

epoxy flooring Tampa is less expensive

Wood floors are hard to maintain. The routine changes in humidity and temperature can ruin a pristine oak floor. Tiles are also finicky and prone to cracks. Epoxy is resilient and easy to maintain. Its seamless design means less worry about water damage, and its durable surface equates to limited risks for damage. The ease of maintenance also means fewer routine costs associated with cleaning and upkeep, which puts money back in the profit column for your business.

6. Cost.

Speaking of profits, epoxy flooring Tampa is less expensive than other flooring options. While labor costs may appear more costly than other flooring installations, consider that material prices are often lower. Professionals see epoxy flooring as one of the most affordable options available, especially when you think of the expense of upkeep with other options.

What type of business do you own and operate? Is it an industrial or manufacturing plant, or do you own retail space? Epoxy flooring Tampa is an excellent option for many commercial properties. The easy installation, low cost, and durability of the material make epoxy the best choice for many owners. Epoxy is versatile and allows for more customization than wood and tile. Are you interested in discussing your epoxy flooring options? If so, contact Premier Epoxy in Tampa to discuss your business and flooring needs. Don’t limit your imagination. Epoxy can make concrete attractive and resilient against all your daily activities.

Why Your Commercial Business Needs Epoxy Flooring Tampa | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

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