Concrete Polishing for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, offering hope for the future and all that entails. For many homeowners, it’s also a time to do some rejuvenating of their home and surroundings. Home upgrades can include polishing and sealing the floors in and around their house to create more beautiful living spaces.

Types of polishing

The Mohs hardness is tested first, as concrete can be different hardnesses and the hardness will determine how to proceed. Not surprisingly, there are several depths or cuts to which concrete can be polished. A homeowner might go with a cream polish, which is just the top, or a salt and pepper finish, which shows more, or aggregate, a deeply ground cut which shows a cross section of the inner concrete. Some concrete is made with decorative stone or recycled glass, making the aggregate cut a beautiful option. 

Polishing practices

By using different grits, the polishing process is a gradual one, starting with a coarse grit and gradually working toward the finer grits, creating a steady series of layer removal. As a result of this slow removal process, the finished product, while more labor intensive, is much stronger and a more stable refinement than one which is ground brutally or indiscriminately. 

The amount of polish is also a consideration. Some customers want a honed look, while some want a highly polished, glasslike finish — each type of polish influences the amount of light reflected by the floor. In the final phases of polishing, a sealer may be used to intensify the hardness of the finished product.


A polished concrete floor can be stained or dyed, which will add color to the concrete. It can also be scored, or patterns cut into the surface, creating more designs. 

If the concrete was poured to be polished, many things could be added into the mix which will affect the finished product. As another option, the top layer of the concrete can be dyed during the pouring process. 

Sometimes, there is the option to wet or dry polish the concrete. Wet or dry is subject to many factors, and each situation has different requirements.

Regardless of the grits used, the polishing, design, color, and cuts, the result is a low maintenance, gorgeous floor which is durable as well as beautiful. Polished concrete floors are notoriously low maintenance, and stay clean. If a homeowner is considering a polished concrete floor, it’s well worth the time to look at some different options before starting the project. Once it’s finished, it will be a floor your family or business can enjoy for years with minimal cleaning.

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