Epoxy Flooring Your Garage Before a Home Renovation

Home renovation has become a hot item these days. People are no longer moving as readily as in years past. Generations of family members or bundling together more readily, which sometimes means a remodel is necessary to accommodate everyone.

But, before the contractor comes and starts ripping out walls, one of the wisest options a homeowner can exercise is to epoxy the garage floor. Here are the reasons that epoxying your garage floor before a home remodel will make a world of difference:

Less dirt

Remodeling is a dirty business. Dust is going to get everywhere in spite of your contractor and your best efforts. Concrete floors in a garage are dirty, but once an epoxy floor has cured, those dirty days in the garage are over. Because the garage space is cleaner, the homeowner has a place to store household items which were packed up in anticipation of the remodeling and can store them in the garage without having to fight concrete dust or resort to paying for storage to keep possessions clean.

More living space

While we don’t usually think of the garage as living space, it can become quite crucial in the event of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. For one thing, a remodeling crew is going to cramp the space a family has typically to spread out. But, perhaps even more essential is that the family can use the garage for a temporary kitchen or bath during the remodel.

Temporary kitchens can feature plug-in appliances, a small table, a mini-fridge, and more. The area can reflect the immediate needs of the family involved.

A temporary bathroom can be set up using a large tub for bathing, a camping potty for emergencies, and a bowl and mirror for shaving and other beauty routines. While it isn’t ideal, it will get the family through the worst of the reno without having to pay for an expensive motel or impose on friends or neighbors for temporary living quarters or middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. 

Added home value

Not only will an epoxy floor help the family through the process of a remodeling project, but it will also add long term value to the family home. Most remodeling is intended to be an upgrade of the house, and an epoxy floor in the garage is definitely in line with that goal. Once the renovation is complete, the epoxy floor will remain a beautiful addition to the garage for years to come.

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