Benefits of Flake Flooring for Your Warehouse

The end of the year is rolling around, and warehouse businesses are looking to find ways to improve their facilities and flooring. But, value flooring isn’t enough. Flooring in a warehouse or industrial setting also has to be durable, clean, and safe.

Flake flooring fills that bill on many levels. First, flake flooring is a tremendous value. The polymer resin eliminates the ugly eyesore of plain concrete. It comes in an assortment of epoxy gorgeous colors, to which flake is added during the curing process. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider flake flooring for your commercial building.


Flake flooring is strong. It starts with your concrete base, and the resin cures rather than drying, so it creates a robust and durable layer for situations where a tough surface is required. It’s designed for conditions where regular flooring isn’t strong enough, and concrete is unsuitable. Flake flooring is hard to damage.


A clean warehouse facility is always a high priority. Most businesses want cleanliness but at a low cost. Flake flooring requires minimal maintenance and will always look great. It eliminates concrete dust. Your employees can turn their attention to the job rather than lowering productivity by spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning.

Chemical resistance

None of us want spills, and no one wants a chemical mess, but the reality is that it’s something with which a warehouse will have to contend.  Flake flooring is chemical resistant, meaning it will clean up beautifully without staining or holding on to spills, either chemicals or oils.


Not only will chemical spills wipe up quickly from a flake floor, but it will also provide a slip-resistant surface. No one ever wants an accident in their business, and flake flooring is a way to provide secure flooring and beauty at the same time. Debris is quickly whisked away with a push broom when necessary making it less likely to cause an accident.


If you’re looking for a way to boost morale, flake flooring can be the way to make that happen. Employees will feel a sense of pride in a clean, attractive warehouse. That pride can start with the creation of a flake floor, which can turn functional into fantastic at a reasonable cost and minimal maintenance. 

We can create the design you want, using line markings and color coordination as needed to delineate boundaries. People who visit or tour your warehouse will sense order and productivity in a facility which is clean and well-kept. Flake flooring catches the eye and offers the presence of professionalism and care, which will reflect well on your business.

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