The Joy of Polished Concrete

We were in a well-known restaurant last night which was getting ready to close. While we waited for our takeout order, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the employees was sweeping the polished concrete floor. Most owners of polished concrete use a dust mop through the heavily trafficked areas. This polished concrete floor was in an upscale eatery, where it is essential for the floor always to be as clean as possible.

As we watched, she used a soft, industrial-sized broom to swish around the chairs and tables. Everyone has swept a floor; face it, cleaning is a drudgery chore. But, because the concrete was polished and smooth, she had no problem coaxing the crumbs and detritus out from underneath the tables. Nothing stuck to the floor or had to be chased twice. A chore which is often done with resigned reluctance had become a pleasure for this young woman because she did it with such ease.

Stays Clean

Polished concrete is ground and honed, then polished to a high luster. The process creates a gorgeous finish, which doesn’t contain the cracks and inconsistencies of tile or vinyl. The result is a smooth, slip-free finish which creates a great layer upon which to build an eatery. Patrons can dine and spill food and beverages which are easily cleaned, and the floor remains relatively hygienic.

Because polished concrete is silky and flawless, the cleaning process takes only seconds, and there are no cracks or other anomalies in which spills can hide and collect to harden.  Even in establishments which have expansion cracks, since they’re few and far between, the cleaning process moves quickly.

Saves on maintenance

Every employee has chores which, while necessary, don’t constitute the more pleasurable parts of their job. But, the young woman sweeping in the eatery did so with such ease and grace. My companions and I, as well as other patrons, took pleasure in her joy as she fluttered around each table with her broom. 

In most businesses, the cleaning, while necessary, is a fiscal drain on resources better spent elsewhere, which makes a polished concrete floor an ongoing value. The hours spent cleaning grime from areas where it most certainly collects on tile floors, and other surfaces can be better spent running the business. 


While it doesn’t make sense to remodel to change to a polished concrete floor for ease of cleaning, it does make sense to redo the floor when it becomes worn and tired. In that case, polished concrete is indeed worthy of consideration as a new flooring option. Not only will it look fabulous and stay cleaner, but loose or broken tiles are never an issue with which the business will have to contend.

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